Dig Deeper

Become Confident in the Digging and Belief Work.

Duration: | 2 days
Prerequisites: | Basic DNA, Advanced DNA

"Digging" is an incredible technique within The ThetaHealing technique that is used to identify the origin of deep subconscious beliefs. In this process the practitioner has the opportunity to "dig" to a persons key belief, once this is found we can then replace and remove negative programs, utilizing belief work, feeling downloads and unconditional love.

With the completion of the Dig Deeper Seminar, you will feel empowered with the knowledge and experience to continue doing belief work and digging on yourself and others. Under the guidance of your instructor, you will have ample practice time within this class.

This seminar is a prerequisite for more advanced classes such as Intuitive Anatomy and Manifesting & Abundance.

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing® Digging for Beliefs Book

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Seminar Inlcudes:ThetaHealing® Digging for Beliefs Book

Dig Deeper Thetahealing Book The Grounded Path To Learn more about the ThetaHealing technique, visit

Scheduled Dig Deeper Seminars

Thetahealing Dig Deeper Seminar The Grounded Path
Prerequisites: Basic DNA & Advanced DNA


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Total Cost:
Seminar: $400
Deposit: $50
Total Cost: $450

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Sara Gasch

Certified Master ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor.
Certified Advanced Hand Analyst
Certified Master Reiki Practitioner

Teacher Certifications:

  • Certificate of Science, Instructor ThetaHealing®, Vianna Stibal, Date: 9/2022
  • Master, Instructor Founder of ThetaHealing®, Vianna Stibal, Date: 6/2019
  • Basic DNA Instructor, Online & In-person
  • Advanced DNA Instructor, Online & In-person
  • Dig Deeper Instructor, Online & In-Person
  • Manifesting and Abundance Instructor
  • Rainbow Children Instructor
  • Intuitive Anatomy Instructor
  • You and the Creator Instructor
  • World Relations Instructor
  • Diseases and Disorder Instructor
  • DNA 3 Instructor
  • Planes of Existence Instructor

Practitioner Certifications:

  • Basic DNA Practioner
  • Advanced DNA Practitioner
  • Dig Deeper Practitioner
  • Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner
  • Plant Seminar
  • Animal Seminar
  • Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner
  • Disease and Disorder Practitioner
  • DNA 3 Practitioner
  • World Relations Practitioner
  • World Relations
  • You & The Creator Practitioner
  • Inner Circle Practitioner
  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight
  • Game of Life
  • Planes of Existence

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